Ecofirst gets a handle on all the different kinds of fly species. Fly specis we control are the House Fly, Flesh Fly, Vinegar Fly, Blow Bottle Flies, Stable Flies, Drain Flies and Fruit Flies.

We make use of fly control units of UV light traps, we supply various fly control units the Cobra, Optica Viper, Liberator, ILume and Genius.

Store Products Insects (SPI)

SPI insects include Confused Flour Beetle, Rice Grain and Maize Weevils, Redrust Beetle, The Indian Meal Moth (Plodia interpunctella) or Pantry, "flour moth" or "grain moth", The Cacao Moth, Tobacco Moth or Warehouse Moth (Ephestia elutella) and Mediterranean Flour Moth, Indian Flour Moth or Mill Moth (Ephestia kuehniella).


German and American cockroaches are your most common cockroach species.
Ecofirst uses chemical and non-chemical treatments to reduce and prevent infestation. The treatment could include the use of gel baiting, non-toxic insect pheromone boards or spray treatments.


Flea species Ecofirst control are cat and dog fleas. Animals who have this pest, should be dipped by a vet for prevention. Ecofirst treat indoors with the following procedure:


Ants are treated with a full inspection, to determine the extent of infestation, we then determine the specie and the treatment program to be followed.

Different kinds of ants include Argentine Ant, Carpenter Ant, Pharaoh Ant, Pavement Ant, Acrobat Ant, Big-headed Ant, Odorous Ant, Black Sugar Ant, Pugnacious Ant and Bal-byter.

Rats & Mice

Different species, Norway or the Roof Rat, House mouse, Ecofirst make use of non toxic and toxic method to eradicate.


Signs of bedbugs are small to reddish brown faecal spots on surfaces, a very strong sweet bedbug odour and welts and irritation of bytes.
Mattresses, box springs and upholstery should be treated. Bedding should be washed in hot water.


Fishmoths environment should be modified often to disturb fishmoths. Linen wardrobes should be repacked regularly in order for the fishmoths to move away.


Booklice depend on humidity for survival. In order to prevent booklice from breeding in such conditions, keep the humidity to below the 50%. Ecofirst use ULV preparation and total release foggers to control booklice.

Wood Destroying Insects

Alternative treatment plans include: removing ingested timbers and replacing them with treated timber.


Ecofirst’s experience has shown that birds are a multi approach system. Birds will try everything to get back to their nests and young. We implement an integrated bird control system, which include netting, spikes, wire, repellent gel and reflective mechanisms. We invest ourselves in taking care of all elements needed to be successful at bird control.


Bees are beneficial to the environment and not to be treated with pesticide. Special permissions should be obtained from the Department of Agriculture to eradicate bees that are life threatening. Honey bees should be removed with a decoy hive and to be released in a safe environment.


Ecofirst can assist with eliminating harbourage in the environments.

Centipedes and millipedes

Ecofirst can assist with eliminating harbourage in the environments.


Ecofirst can assist with snake repellent perimeter spray treatment.


Termites are controlled in various ways. This depends on the type of condition they are found in and which type of termite is found on inspections. Ecofirst uses various kinds of controls, which includes pre-construction, post-construction and nests.
Termites can cause various damages, like causing the building structure to collapse if not treated properly and untreated wood can cause termites to spread over long distances.

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